Best Plasma Cutters

by cebur19 on October 28, 2009

Best Plasma Cutters

The best plasma cutters are manufactured by Hypertherm, Miller, Lincoln, ESAB, Hobart, and Thermal Dynamics:

1. Hypertherm Plasma Cutter - Provide higher productivity, faster cut speeds, longer consumable life, and ease of operation are hallmarks of the Hypertherm line of Plasma Cutters. Hypertherm Powermax is their plasma cutting line

2. Miller Plasma Cutter - Miller, started as a one man operation in 1929 and is now the world's largest manufacturer of welding and cutting equipment. Miller produces the Spectrum line of plasma cutters.

3. Lincoln Plasma Cutter - Lincoln builds the high quality Pro-Cut plasma cutting systems. Innovations such as Vortech technology, and Parts in Place safety indicator adds value to plasma cutting products.

4. ESAB Plasma Cutter - One of the largest plasma cutting equipment manufacturers world wise, ESAB offers a wide selection of plasma cutters for the industrial market. ESAB products are built to withstand rugged use in the industrial and construction markets.

5. Hobart Plasma Cutter - Hobart is owned by the same company that owns Miller Electric. The Hobart plasma cutter line consists of the AirForce 250ci, AirForce 500i, and AirForce 700i models.

6. Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter - A pioneer in the plasma cutting industry manufactures a full range of manual and automated plasma cutting systems. Thermal Dynamics builds the UltraCut, Cutmaster, AirCut, Drag- Gun and PakMaster series of plasma cutters. The Drag-Gun models have built in air compressors and cut up to 1/2 inch material.

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