110 VAC Plasma Cutters

by cebur19 on November 9, 2009

Fit the Plasma Cutter to the Job. A plasma cutter running on 110 VAC draws twice the current of a plasma cutter operating on 230 volts. The Hypertherm 190 C and the Miller Spectrum 125C plasma cutters both operate on 110 VAC. These convenient small output plasma cutters are lightweight portable and have a built in air compressor. Keep in mind that they are suitable for cutting light gauge material. 1/8 inch mild steel and 3/16 inch mild steel are about the maximum thickness these machines will cut and still achieve satisfactory results. A plasma cutter with 12 amp output requires a 20 amp circuit breaker at 110 VAC. That same output current at 230 VAC draws about 8 amps.

The moral of the story is to fit the plasma cutter to the job. The Hypertherm 190C and the Miller Spectrum 125C plasma cutters operate only on 110 VAC. If you expect to routinely cut thicker than 1/8 and 3/16 material then I suggest you'll be happier if you move up to a 230 VAC plasma cutter. Consider the Hypertherm Powermax 30, Miller Spectrum 375, and the Lincoln Pro-Cut 25.

You can also over size the plasma cutter too. Using a monster cutter like a Hypertherm  Powermax 1000 to cut .065 and 1/8 material is definitely not as convenient as using the Hypertherm 190C and Miller Spectrum 125C. I know this from personal experience. Just remember to fit the plasma cutter to the job.

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