The Best Plasma Cutter for Home Use

by cebur19 on November 29, 2009

The Best Plasma Cutter for Home Use

Don't think that a home use plasma cutter is judged by different parameters than an industrial use plasma cutter. The guidelines you should use to select your plasma cutter is back to the basic question. How thick? The thickness of the metal being cut determines the current output of the plasma cutter. I tend to discourage prospective buyers away from buying a 110VAC plasma cutter because of the input power requirements. Operating at 110VAC a plasma cutter will draw twice the current of a machine operating at 220VAC.

There are two good quality 110VAC plasma cutters that I recommend only if there is a requirement for a highly portable plasma cutter and only if the metal being cut is 1/8th and thinner. A portable plasma cutter with 12 amps output will cut sheet metal and 1/8 material very well. But cutting 3/16th metal is pushing the limit and you won't be happy with the results.

The Miller Spectrum 125C is a nice little plasma cutter for light gauge and thin material. It has a built in compressor so all that is needed is a 110VAC 20 amp circuit to plug into.

The Hypertherm Powermax 190C is also a nice little plasma cutter that also has a built in compressor. It requires a 20 amp 110VAC circuit.

I always recommend a plasma cutter that operates on 220VAC or higher input voltage because the higher the input voltage the lower the input current,

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