Used Plasma Cutter

by cebur19 on December 2, 2009

When looking at various plasma cutters for sale considering a used plasma cutter can save some money. There aren't a lot of moving parts in a used plasma cutter or any plasma cutter for that matter. If the electronic starter circuit works ok and the plasma cutter will cut the thickness of metal that the output current is designed for then the electrical and electronics are probably ok. The only moving parts are the cooling fan which should either run continuously or cycle on and off depending on the type of cooling fan circuitry designed into the plasma cutter. The other moving part is the gas solenoid. The solenoid should turn on when the torch trigger is pulled and should run a few seconds after the trigger is released to provide cooling air flow to the cutter torch nozzle. Used plasma cutters can be a good buy if all the circuits are working properly.

Other than the items mentioned is the condition of the torch. The tip and nozzle are consumables and have a great effect on the plasma cutter performance and are easily replaced. Inspect the hose for cuts and abrasion. The hose is replaceable but hose condition should also be considered in the price of a used plasma cutter. The appearance of the used plasma cutter can tell you something about the use. Does it look well cared for or are there signs of abuse. Consider the appearance of used plasma cutters before the purchase.

Buying a used plasma cutter can save some money but there are other considerations too. If the used plasma cutter is too old then what technology is it missing? Improvements in starting circuits, and other factors should also be considered when looking to buy used plasma cutters.

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