Hypertherm Powermax 1000

I personally own a Powermax 1000 and can confirm that it is an outstanding plasma cutter. The Hypertherm Powermax1000 has technology improvements in the power supply and cutting torch that provide faster, more economical cuts than any other plasma cutting system available. The digitally controlled inverter design delivers continuously adjustable 20 - 60 amp output that provides plenty of power for quick, clean cuts over a wide range of metal thicknesses. A new setting for gouging provides faster metal removal and easier operation due to improved arc transfer. It uses fast connect connections for the torch and is well suited for use with CNC systems as well. The Hypertherm 1000 can usually be found at stores for $2870.00 but when buying plasma cutters on EBay you can find one and save $100's on the deal. Buy with ease, and convenience, using the security of PayPal and EBay.

Input voltage: 200 - 600 V, 1/3-PH, 50/60 Hz
Input current: 50 A @ 200V 1PH, 30 A @ 200V 3PH
Output current: 20 - 60 A
Duty cycle: 50% @ 60 A, 230 - 480 V, 1 - PH
Gas supply: Clean, dry, oil-free air or nitrogen 90 psi @ 6.7cfm

Cut capacity

Recommended: 3/4"
Maximum: 1"
Sever: 1 1/4"