Hypertherm Powermax 190C

The Hypertherm 190C is a fine little plasma cutter. The main feature of this unit is portability. All you need is 120vac electrical power and you can cut. The built in air compressor satisfies the air requirement and makes it a convenient cutting machine as long as you use it within its designed cut capacity. Cutting 1/8 this little cutter will make you proud. Cutting 3/16th once in a while will work fine. Moving up to 1/4" will not produce satisfactory results. Yes it will "sever" 1/4, a better term might be hack, but it will take a long time, the cut appearance will be lacking, and remember the duty cycle is 35%. You can cut a lot of 1/8 and 3/16 material by the time you finish a 1/4 inch cut with the Hypertherm 190C.

Input voltage: 120 V, 1-PH, 60 Hz, CSA
Input current: 20 A
Output current: 12 A
Duty cycle: 35% @ 12 A
Gas supply: Built in air compressor

Cut capacity

Recommended: 1/8"
Maximum: 3/16"
Sever: 1/4"

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