Lincoln Pro Cut 80

The Pro-Cut 80, with a full 85 amps of cutting power slices through 1-1/4" mild steel with ease! It is well suited for maintenance, fabrication, maintenance applications or other jobs which have a need to cut thicker metals. Weighs only 95 lbs. and has an optional undercarriage that provides storage for cables, accessories, and makes it easy transport.

  • 85 amps of power for quality cuts up to 1-1/4"
  • Weighs only a 95 lb.
  • Can be powered by most engine driven welders
  • Back-lit LED system for status indicators.
  • Fast and easy quick disconnect torch removal.
  • ¬†Optional storage cart undercarriage for easy transport.
  • ¬†Standard feature CNC/Robotic Interface.

Input voltage: 208/230/460/1/3/50/60
Input current: 87 A @ 208V 1PH, 48 A @ 208V 3PH
Output current: 35 - 85 A
Duty cycle: 100% @ 65A, 60% @ 80A
Gas supply: Clean, dry, oil-free air or nitrogen 70 psi @ 8cfm

Cut capacity

Recommended: 3/4"
Maximum: 1"
Sever: 1 1/4"