Miller Spectrum 125C

The Miller Spectrum 125C has a built-in heavy-duty compressor that makes it a cut anywhere plasma cutter.

  • Consistent 12 amp cutting arc.
  • Solid-state constant current design.
  • Continuous cut up to 3/16 mild steel.
  • Automatic electronic pilot arc controller.
  • Easily cuts expanded metal without triggering the torch.
  • Blowback towards design eliminates high frequency.
  • Post flow cooling circuit protection extends consumable life.

Input voltage: 115 V 1 Phase
Input current: 120 volt, 20 amp individual branch circuit.
Output current: 12 A
Duty cycle: 35% duty cycle @ 12 A at 110 VDC
Gas supply: built-in, heavy-duty compressor

Cut capacity

Maximum: 3/16"

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