Miller Spectrum 2050

The Miller Spectrum 2050 easily handles up to 7/8 mild steel at 10 in per minute and cuts half inch mild steel at 27 inches per minute. It can sever 1 1/8 steel at 3 inches per minute.

  • Automatically selects the correct input voltage between 208 V to 570 50 single phase or three phase.
  • Line voltage compensation provides clean steady cuts regardless of input power variations between 187 V to 630 volts.
  • Van on demand cooling system only runs when required.
  • Miller patented quick connect torch.
  • Won't interfere or damage controls or computers, starts without high frequency.
  • Easily handles expanded metal without re-triggering using pilot arc switch.

Input voltage: 208 - 575 V, 1PH or 3PH
Input current: 40A @ 230V 3PH
Output current: 55A @ 110VDC
Duty cycle: 60% @ 55 A 3PH
Gas supply: Clean, dry, oil-free air or nitrogen 100 psi @ 6cfm

Cut capacity

Recommended: 7/8"
Maximum: 1"
Sever: 1 1/4"